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Who Is Behind REV Home Renovations?

REV Home Renovations is a general remodeling and construction company based out of Canfield Ohio, and servicing all of Northeast Ohio.

To set us apart from other contractors, REV Home Renovations prides itself on our attention to detail, all while ensuring we finish every job with very satisfied customers.

We stand behind our work, giving lasting value to create a reputation that ensures repeat customers.

As the old saying goes;

“Good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good”

We truly look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your home or office project. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your interior/exterior upgrades or issues with your home. 330-519-7158

A Little More About The Owner

Pictured below in full dive gear, is the owner of REV Home Renovations, Michael Burns.

Mike Burns - Diver and Underwater Welder

After spending 10 years in the commercial diving industry, I have used every tool you can think of under the sea. Although diving took me many places, I decided to change gears and follow my passion for carpentry and home renovations.

My goal is to continue to provide the highest level of quality work in my renovations, as I have in my diving career. I’ve made a list below of the most interesting and common questions people ask me about being a professional diver.

Most Common Questions About Diving

  1. Are you an underwater welder? Yes, but we don’t do it all that often.
  2. I hear you guys make a good living? With any career you get out what you put in, but the job did take me places all over the world.
  3. Is it true you guys don’t live that long? No, this just isn’t true at all.
  4. How deep can you go? Depends on the breathing mix and duration of the dive, furthest I’ve gone was 200ft.
  5. Have you ever seen a shark? Not while in the water, it is rare to see a shark as a commercial diver.

Our Personal Guarantee

We promise to provide accurate assessments and recommendations that you can trust, perform all services to the highest quality standards.

To cover the costs of shipping and materials for a construction project, we do require 50% pre-payment of the entire quote upon delivery of the materials.

If we can answer any questions at all, feel free to call our office in Canfield, OH, at
(330) 519-7158

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