Bathroom Remodeling in Canfield Ohio

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Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

REV Home Renovations bathroom remodeling techniques have evolved over the years. 

Bathrooms are no longer just a place to wash off, but are becoming places for an at-home getaway, peace and relaxation. This is especially true when it comes to the master bathroom.

Somehow in our quest for comfort and luxury, we’ve invited in our home’s worst enemy (extra water & moisture). Old bathroom designs and building materials were not meant for the rigorous abuse they receive today. This causes them to break down much faster than expected.

People take much longer showers and create very steamy rooms that also invite mold and rot. New bathroom products are always emerging on the market to handle the increased moisture demands and other abuses we put our bathrooms through.

There are also more attractive products to create a customized look of your choosing.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Having cold feet about getting new bathroom floors?  Take off those thick socks, and Contact Us about heated flooring options in your bathroom! You’ll LOVE IT.

Heated bathroom floors are becoming a heavily, sought after option, especially in bathrooms. Make your cold, old tile floor, stylish and toasty warm to stand on all year long.

Heated floor systems aren’t just for the bathroom. They can also be installed under a variety of new flooring types.

With heated bathroom flooring, you could actually set a timer for a morning warm up, and no longer have to touch a cold floor to start your day again.

Digital 3D Bathroom Remodeling Designs

We offer computer based, 3D bathroom remodeling designs as a visual aid for our customers. We have found that the software delivers peace of mind.

Our customers can see if what we plan to build, is the vision they described, before we build it, so everyone is on the same page.

We use a laser scanner and computer aided drawing (CAD) software to produce a 3D rendering of your actual bathroom.

This software is a powerful tool, and helps everyone feel confident at each stage of the bathroom remodeling process.

Our customers can see their finished bathroom via the 3D rendering and easily make changes to it before a single hammer is ever swung. This saves the customer both time and money, and makes the whole project run smoothly.

Just another super convenient service offered by REV Home Renovations.

Some of the Benefits of a Bathroom Remodeling in Canfield, OH

The bathroom isn’t often the first spot in a house an owner considers for a renovation project. It’s true that a bathroom isn’t at the center of a home the way that a kitchen or living room is. But as a functional space it’s essential.

A bathroom is usually the first room you visit in the morning and the last at night. A bathroom renovation can make a major difference in your house and your life.

  • You can upgrade older fixtures in the bathroom that are out of date or no longer appealing. Our bathroom design experts will see that the renovation keeps your bathroom current with the latest trends and best features.
  • A bathroom remodel can be necessary to assist with elderly or mobility–impaired residents. This will make the bathroom both more accessible and less potentially hazardous for them. Renovation upgrades can include lowered toilets, roll–in showers, widened doors, and grab bars. We know how to make your new bathroom more accessible.
  • A newly designed bathroom can raise the value of your house, which is a huge benefit if you have plans to sell it during the next few years.
  • Remodeling can help create a bathroom that better conserves water.

The Professional Bathroom Renovation Difference

Homeowners in Canfield, Boardman or Struthers, sometimes decide to either attempt to handle a bathroom restoration on their own, or else go with an inexperienced contractor who must subcontract out most parts of the job.

We strongly advise only working with an experienced bathroom contractor who handles every step of the project in–house. Starting with creating a design and continuing through the final construction work.

This is the best way to ensure you receive the best return on your remodeling investment – and end up with a final result you want.

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