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Flooring Installers & Flooring Restoration

The floors in our homes take a lot of abuse from everyday foot traffic, but probably more so by pets and kids than anything.

Sadly, there is no magic floor that lasts forever. However there has never been a better time to choose more durable flooring options on the market.

We want to make your selection process as easy as possible, so we put together a quick guide below that you can view by clicking on each picture for a description with some pros and cons.

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Do HEATED Floors Interest You?

Are you getting cold feet about buying new flooring?

Well, take off those thick socks and schedule an appointment right now about the heated flooring options for your bathrooms, or your whole home!

Heated floors are becoming a heavily sought after remodeling option, especially in the bathrooms. Heated flooring systems can also be installed under just about any type of flooring materials.

These new heated floors have a timer you can set for the morning, and enjoy waking up to a house full of warm flooring.

Flooring Types / Options

Pictured below are our most requested types of flooring. Whether you are completely changing your original floors to something new, or restoring them to original, we have you covered. Click the images for more info:

Hardwood Flooring

What it is: Hardwood flooring is harvested from trees that grow much slower; it ends up being far denser, and more durable than softwood counterparts. This means that they last longer and require less maintenance

Pros: Can be sanded down and re-stained by a professional – True beauty of 100% natural wood

Cons: Prone to squeaking over time. – Higher Cost

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