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Kitchen Renovations Raise Property Values

Your kitchen is the heart of your home as the primary gathering point where family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones gather to share meals and make memories.

It’s often where kids do their homework and talk about their day. It is the room in the house that we spend the most money on, and that’s because it’s the most important room of your home.

Let REV Home Renovations help make your kitchen the centerpiece of your home.

Do I Even Need a Kitchen Remodel?

Not every kitchen remodel needs to be a full tear out or gut job.

Sometimes big changes can be accomplished simply with new flooring, countertops, and a new backlash to bring new life into a dated kitchen.

Would an open floor plan more suit your family’s lifestyle better? This is often the number one reason why people are wanting kitchen remodels.

They want to expand the size of their kitchen into another room by removing a wall for a more open layout that is desired in todays market.

We all have that dining room adjacent to the kitchen that isn’t used but once or twice a year that leaves room for large kitchen expansion with an open feel.

Some of the Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Canfield, OH

Kitchen remodels have a track record of high return on investment for homeowners.

Many kitchen renovations pay for themselves, or come close to it, when it comes time to sell your home.

Although it’s true that the general shape of our appliances has not changed much in a really long time, but the energy efficiency of today’s new appliances has.

With the rising cost of our energy demands, high efficiency is the way to go.

Renovating your kitchen with REV Home Renovations is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Digital 3D Kitchen Remodel Designs

We will be offering 3D kitchen design as an option for our customers who want the peace of mind that they are getting what they are picturing in their minds.

We will use CAD software to provide a 3D rendering of our cabinets in your kitchen. This software is a powerful tool and helps our customers feel confident throughout the remodeling process.

We are able to show customers their finished kitchen with a 3D rendering before a single hammer is ever swung, saving both time and money for the customer.

This service does come with a price but is a priceless option we offer at REV Home Renovations.

Kitchen Remodeling in Canfield, Ohio

When the time has come for a kitchen remodel, you won’t always know it.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be falling apart with peeling tiles or leaky plumbing for you to recognize it’s time for a change.

Perhaps you’re simply tired of the layout and old appliances. Maybe you feel you really need more counter space, or cabinetry, or an additional oven that’s smoothly integrated into place.

But, the most common reason for a kitchen remodel has to do with space.

If you don’t have enough space, you cannot cook or clean easily, let alone entertain guests while you do it. Remodeling your kitchen can open up the space so you can do more. Even entertain there.

  • Gain more space to spread out cooking supplies.
  • Have more room to soak dishes or fill up pots.
  • Allow guests and family members to stick around and chat while you cook.
  • Navigate the kitchen with ease.
  • Open up the space for lighting or to connect with your living room.

A small kitchen remodel is well worth it. But anytime you feel unhappy with your kitchen, you should start to consider renovations!

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